Spaceship Voyager Investment App Review Ideas

Spaceship Voyager Investment App Review. A great platform for aussie beginners who are just getting started. After you create an account you can use my referral code s8xeuctrbd to get a free $10 if you invest $5.

spaceship voyager investment app review
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All payments mad into the fund are done by direct debit. An investment platform can be intimidating for anyone, but this one is quite straightforward, and the technology will act as.

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Anyway this is the lowest fee micro investing app i found. As an investment app spaceship appear to offer a simple and clear way to enter the market of managed funds with the added benefit of a market education.

Spaceship Voyager Investment App Review

Both are straight forward and easy to use.But in keeping with the theme,Download today in the app store and google play.For beginners just starting out on their investing journey, this easy to use app is a.

For your investment balance above $5,000, our fees are 0.05% or 0.10% per year, depending on the portfolio you choose.Here is what i like about spaceship voyager:Here’s the story of that review, along with relevant excerpts from it, intended as a guide for anyone considering investing in it.I am going to go the index fund and love that it is fee free to 5,000 and only.05%.

If the name spaceship rings a bell, it might be because of the controversy surrounding their superannuation fund, which got fined for false advertising recently.It charges only 0.05% to 0.1% depending on what portfolio you choose.It’s a no brainer win win.It’s simple and affordable, the way investing should be.

It’s confusing and something they need to fix.Just wondering peoples thoughts so far?Now moving onto the last investing app for beginners we have spaceship voyager.Scheduled payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

So, if you invested $10,000 for a whole year, all you’d pay is $2.50 or $5.00 in fees for that year.Some of you asked how i got started investing, and without telling you my life story, i started investing when acorns (now known as raiz) entered the australian market in 2016.Spaceship voyager is a great app for people who want to invest small amounts of money.Spaceship voyager is one of these providers.

Spaceship voyager is their super investment fund and the other is an everyday cash investment fund.Spaceship voyager wasn’t available yet, and commsec pocket app was not even a thought.The app also provides a few options to invest in spaceship’s funds.The spaceship voyager app has a user friendly interface and extremely helpful customer support which makes the experience a pleasant one.

The whole thing about being able to invest amounts smaller than $500 was just starting to boom.Their education platform is also very relatable and helpful.They’re a bit different to all the other investing apps, that they are extremely focused on technology investments, which depending on your preferences can be a good or bad thing, but it does mean they’ve had great.This advertorial has been sponsored by spaceship capital limited (abn 67 621 011 649, afsl 501605), the issuer of the spaceship universe portfolio and spaceship index portfolio (spaceship voyager).

This app allows you to invest in 3 different portfolios.This has been a pretty interesting year for the markets.This is because it is easy to use, and has zero fees for any account balances below $5,000, and the ability to invest in the origin portfolio.This is not about their super product but more so their investment app.

This is run by the same people who brought you spaceship super and was launched in april 2018.To see just how an investment into the universe portfolio performed, we dropped $100 into a spaceships account and monitored the performance between september 24 and october 24 2018.Voyager is separate from the super fund, and it provides two simple investment options:We’ve noticed plenty of people all running into the same issue, signing up for one product and then either download the wrong app or try logging into the wrong website.

While somewhat similar to other investment apps, this one distinguishes itself by taking a curatorial approach and leaving no potential investor behind.With spaceship voyager, you can start investing today with as little as you like.You can start with as low as $5.